The Family Behind The Brand

Hi! Welcome! 

Our About Us page has been empty for far too long so I figured it was time we formally introduced ourselves! The truth is, I (Lacey) struggle with either not having the right words OR having way too many words and I can’t seem to find the balance! So I apologize in advance if this ends up longer than I planned - or half done as I figure out the “right” words!

Highway to Railway was born as a family project. We enjoy spending time together and using our free time to create fun products that we think other families will love as much as we do! On the gem block side, one of us is passionate about the creative process and constantly thinking up new and original ideas and the other half will take that vision and bring it to life.  

Our newest product line was created from a desire to combine my love for creating and my desire to actually enjoy playing alongside my kids. I enjoy watching them play, but I don’t always want to join in so I started creating products that make me want to engage right along with them. Enter the Fizzy Kits, meant to be as enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing for caregivers as it is for the children!

Finally, although most importantly, we are so grateful for your support of our family adventure! Expect it to grow and evolve just like our family will!